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Project Information

When we moved into our house about 3 years ago, we needed to furnish our office with a pair of desks. We couldn't afford the nice office furniture we found at the furniture stores and we did not want to get one of the cheap desk kits, like Sauder, we could get at Staples or Office Depot. We found a couple of small to medium sized kitchen tables at an unfinished wood furniture store and opted to get a couple of these instead.

Since bringing the tables home and turning them into our office desks I have wanted a shelf on mine to be able to put the printer and scanner. I finally bought my first table saw this past February (2009) and decided to build my shelf as my first project. I found wood that was the same construction as the table top. I was also able to get the same stain I had used on the tables when we first got them, this way the shelf matches the table.

This was my first experience with a table saw since middle school shop class. My first few cuts were pretty shaky but I soon got the hang of it. The sides are about 30" tall and 12" wide. The shelf is at about 26" and 16" deep. I put a bar across the back above the shelf so things don't fall off the back. I left a 1" gap to be able to feed cords under it. I finished the front and sides of the shelf with 3"x1" pine. The pine did not absorb the stain like the rest of the piece so it looks a little lighter but still works. The back is a thin piece of ply wood. Along the bottom I fit a piece of 4"x1" and put a 2" hole in the center to feed cords through. I tied everything together with wood glue and finishing nails.

Since this was my first project I learned several things from how to use the table saw (yes, I still have all my fingers!) to finishing the pieces so the stain would not drip or pool. I had a lot of fun and have a list of other projects I want to do. My wife has asked me to make her cabinet and shelf for her desk so she can get more organized. That being said, it's off to the drawing board!



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looks good. I like the shelf. Glad you like your tablesaw. I don't know what I'd do without mine. Enjoy your new toy. Be Careful

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Way to Go Brian this is a great first project. as far as the table saw remember to read, understand and follow the instructions on your tools and most important of all where these ,safety glasses. Hows that for my Norm Abram impression. Welcome to LJs this is the place to learn there are many very talented folks here.