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Showcase cover image for Desk for Caden

Project Information

A desk that I built for my son…

Lessons learned:
-Poly on unstained red oak looks great.
-Chamfered edges look great. Be sure to consider placement of nails relative to not yet cut chamfers (say the middle third of the trim).
-Drawers always shrink (the useable space is partially consumed by slides, edges- should have used 1/2" ply for the sides).
-Its a challenge to constrain width while maximizing drawer and leg openning width.
-Need an answer for attaching drawer fronts- ideally without nails but when with- drawer slide instructions have you mount with 2mm inset from front resuling in 2mm gap between nailed front and drawer back. (make sure that nails go straight in? or ???).
-Tongue and groove joinery in plywood can be iffy.



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Great looking desk. Finish looks great. Tongue and groove in plywood is impossible for me unless maybe baltic birch. I think every piece of furniture I've built has taught many lessons, just like you. That's part of what I like about doing woodwork. Once again - great job!!!

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very nice desk