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i like to sale the purple heart cedar foe decks,i have to square the edges up plane it down router the edges pre stain
pre drill ,but it last forever i always use 6×6 post now i always noch in my railing and picture frame it
i use conduit for spindles or balusters or pickets whatever you wanna call um on 4' centers
i got the job on the pink house by rear ending a lady half of the house is counter lever and had dropped 2inches
dew to sorry piers from the builder so i lifted it back up old school with taller temporary post and bottle jacks
i eyeballed it level her husband didnt believe it would be on the money went and bought a tripod laser level
set it up we checked it out and i was 1/16 high so he took the level back and got his 300 back in the bank and left me alone for the rest of the job he was an engineer and just flabbergasted at my methods to achieve my goals i told him theirs only 4 things you need to know in this project is plum,level,straight and square



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That looks great, I like the big beams

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That's a great looking porch. It sounds like it was a real challenge.