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Workshop Information

United States
My workshop is located in the wonderful NYC neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Much to the dismay of my girlfriend, it is the "shared" 2nd bedroom (roughly 9'x12') of our two-bedroom apartment, and as such has taught me lessons in the efficient use of space as well as good habits in dust containment. I am fortunate to not share any walls with neighbors, as well as being located above a vacant commercial office in a two-story, two-unit building. I am thankful for the space I now have, literally coming from a 9'x7' room (thus the website name), but as always I find myself with a space shortage and would love to someday expand to a home/garage shop.

Most of my work recently has been going into organizing my shop and creating efficient tool stations. Though it has been time-consuming, cutting into my limited time to build projects, I believe the increased efficiency and accuracy will prove it time well spent. Most of the stations are made from cheap materials, as I don't really know how long I will stay in this apartment and did not want to invest in expensive materials I may not be able to take with me. Future plans still include a mobile base for the band saw as well as installing a new router plate into the router table (the stock plate is by far the weakest link in an otherwise very adequate ryobi setup). Something still needs to be done with the table saw, but I am quickly reaching the limits of what my ryobi can do, and may wait until I upgrade my machine. The best addition, in my opinion, has been the flat workbench top with end vise and bench dogs. While very basic, it has improved the function of my hand tools 10-fold (notice no planer or jointer). Thanks for looking.



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Dan, you certainly have an interesting and unique shop space. I have often said that any shop is a good shop and yours certainly is no exception. You have made effective use of the space that you have available but it does look like you have organized the space well.

Thanks for the picture. I enjoyed visiting your shop.