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Project Information

Thanks to-Paul, Tennessee loading up his project. I thought I would give it a shot. For my first one I think it turned out OK. My Dad really liked it. But Paul's project really nailed it.
I was able to find some nice looking older clubs at my local Deseret Industries. I decided to do all 1 woods with a putter in the middle. I polished up the putter but left the others as found. Not that its hard but I routed my first key hole's to hang it by.
My board kind of ended up looking like a profile of a duck. Probably should have painted a "green" on it but…
It was fun to make and He like the gift!
I will post a picture when I take one of how I used one of the shafts from the club. Made a great addition to my small lathe.

Thanks for sharing Paul and being the inspiration of my Dad's gift!!!



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That really turned out nice. I am sure he liked it a lot….

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Hey Buddy….......

I love this.

I love this kind of stuff.

Personal Stuff…...........but made with such expertise and skill and turns out just beautiful

Never been a golfer, but I can see the attraction.

I have stored away some of my "horse" grandfather's tack….....the hames off of his draft horse rigging, and even have HIS Dad's horse-collar that is small-ish and was undoubtedly used on a fast walking or even possibly a "pacing" horse" (they really cover a lot of ground in a short while…......the "into town" horse).

Had that one dated and the expert knew about when it was made by the stuffing used inside. Middle to late 1800's.

I digress.

I want to do the same thing….........kinda….........that you did.

Display something of real interest, but I do not want the shadow-boy style.

For one thing, theses are not small pieces, none of them……...........I keep thinking how best to show these off.

It would take most of a typical wall to hang them all, so I really am stumped.

But…................ again, really like what you did, ..........and maybe a little of why I like it so much.


P.S. Would love to get together with you and Bert and
? sometime

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Thanks for the kind words. It is fun to make stuff for family. I remember being young and making things for my Mom & Dad in school. And now my kids do it for my wife and I. For a long time I got out of the habit of making stuff. But I am trying to do it all the time now! Still need to load my Mom's B-Day gift from this year.
I to would like to put a voice (face) to the projects I see from you Utah guys. We do need to meet!

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I've been collecting old clubs for years with the idea of making coat racks. Great to see one made. Nice work.