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Workshop Information

United States
I turned our 2 car garage formally my drum kit practice room, into my woodshop. I used to watch The New Yankee Workshop when I was a kid and always had in interest. I have so many hobbies. I started The Arizona Dune Sea Garrison 501st Star Wars Storm Trooper costuming group back in 1997. I still get to play storm trooper from time to time while not on the road or at home with the family. I am just a big nerd who loves to build things. I was a professional musician for many years and moved from the stage, to the front of house sound man position. I have been doing that for 14 years now. I built little things here and there with my only power tools back then consisting of a Skill circular saw, a Black and Decker jig saw, and a DeWalt drill. While on a mini vacation from the road last December I discovered Steve Ramsey's WWFMM youtube channel and got hooked. I decided to go all in. I had know idea the wealth of information and fellow workers you could find on the net.
I learned very quickly in march about shop safety. I almost cut my 1st and 2nd fingers off with my table saw. Thank god I didn't. I have a cool scars and little feeling in 2 finger tips, but I still have them! I know everyone knows about shop safety, but until it happens to you, and your sitting in the ER wondering if you are missing something. You really start to think about what and how to approach everything!