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Project Information

This was a canopy that I completed in December 2010. It is a new design based off my Morgan canopy and a design that the customer had (I'll post inspiration pictures with the main ones).

The customer wasn't sure if they would want the canopy or not, so made it to where the canopy could removed without seeing any fasteners. What I did was to half-lap the joints and use the lag screws in the finials to hole it into place. There were a lot of half circle cutting which I did using a template that I made. Actually I made two because the spacing was different on the trundle then the rest of the bed.

The post was glued up poplar with a hollow core. I did fill the top edge so that the lag screw would have something to bite into.

The finish was suppose to be a Milk paint, but we had trouble getting it in, so we matched the color in a flat lacquer.

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This bed looks like it belongs in a gingerbread house! What a perfect bed for a little girl!