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Custom Walking Cane:
> Ball Knob Walking Cane
> Height: 37.25"
> Ball Knob: African Zebrawood with Abalone Shell Inlay
> Serial Number: #2012-05
> Decorative Rings: Curly Maple, Composite Turquoise, Cocobola, Curly Maple, vulcanized rubber
> Shaft: Figured Bubinga, uncoiling ribbon style twist
> Tip: Brass Ferule with replaceable rubber tip.
> Finish: satin lacquer

This Walking Cane is FOR SALE in my Etsy.Com Store


Back late last year, a guy asked me to make an interesting cane for his father. They both came out to the shop and we talked about styles and wood, and details. I made his twisted cane in Figured Bubinga with a Deer Antler Handle. I posted that cane awhile back, you can click here if you want to see it

During that project, I made up several other canes shafts in a similar style, but never finished them into completed canes. But, this summer, I was trying to clear out some of the extra stuff in my shop so I could turn around again, and I decided to make these cane shafts into different types of canes. One style that has been popular with people that don't really need a cane to lean one while they walk is the Knob, or Ball Top cane. This type of stick is nice to go walking with, and if a bad fellow, mean dog, or rabid skunk steps out to assault you, you have a head knocker to use right in your hand. I don't promote violence, only self defense.

thanks for looking,
Mark DeCou



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how do you do that, the twist in the stick…that just looks like to much work…if you dont want to reveal your method here, please send me a pm mark..i would really like to know…...the whole stick is beautiful…you sure do fine work mark

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Mark: A great looking walking stick. Nice build. Looks like you are putting your Legacy to work.

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Beautiful walking stick. I could seee a hobbit in the forest with this too!

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Another super handsome cane !