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Project Information

I enjoy the game Settler's of Catan and decided I wanted a more substantial board rather than the cardboard pieces that come with the game. The most fun was deciding which types of wood to use for each type of hex. In the end, here is what I used:

Board: aromatic cedar
Wood: zebrawood
Brick: padauk
Sheep: quaking aspen
Grain: yellowheart
Ore: wenge
Desert: juniper from my backyard

The board can be set up for four or fewer players or expanded to 5-6 players.

It turns out it is really tricky to cut an accurate hex. If you are off by even a little they do not fit together well. I cut the majority with a router using an aluminum template and a bushing guide, but by the end I was also cutting hex cylinders with the chop saw and then slicing it for the pieces.

It is finished only with walnut oil and then modge podge for some sealing and texture (the lines and ripples you see are from the modge podge). Each hex has felt on the back. The bottom of the board is braced with two flat steel rods glued on with gorilla glue and felted.
Thanks for taking a look!



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I'm doing one very similar, about 3/4 done, but the cold in Ohio is keeping me out of my shop. Very nice, how are you going to handle the harbors? I posted a couple pics here, you are right about those hexes very difficult!