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Project Information

This six (6) piece Steak Knife Set was commissioned and has been sold.

If you would like something similar, please email me at:
[email protected] for more information.

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  1. Blades: Stainless Steel Damascus, 33 layers
  2. Handles: Upper Tines from trophy sized Kansas Elk Shed Antlers,
  3. End Cap: Fossilized Walrus Ivory, legally purchased through David Warther's store in Ohio.
  4. Box: Burled Walnut Veneer Lid, with black walnut sides with African Ebony corner keys and sculpted handle. The box lid veneer is matched on the inside of the box lid as well.
  5. Closure: Box is held shut by hidden neodymium magnets in the ebony box lid handle.
  6. Hinges: Antiqued Brass

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Project Story

A few years ago I did a couple of steak knife sets on a commission, and posted those photos and the project story here at lumberjocks.

Here are those older postings:
Elk Antler Handles
Deer Antler Handles

Folks often do google searches for something special to be used for Steak Knives, and so I get quite a bit of interest and a lot of inquiries about custom steak knife sets….all due to lumberjocks.

This set was ordered by a family that lives on a sailing yacht, and so the box had a few special requirements… I'll just let you read what I was told (paraphrasing),

"A walnut box, lined with leather, which will be a good cushion for the knives when bouncing around on the boat. The box should have a wood top; and I can envision the clean lines and beautiful, swirling pattern of a glowing black walnut lid, and it will invite people to touch it!-- and then, that most unexpected surprise inside, those gorgeous knives with blades bearing the unmistakable markings of Damascus steel. Wow!"

So, I took those instructions and went to work.

The knives are held in place on their leather covered cradles with a board that bolts down with two nuts made from brass and plated with nickle.

Thanks for looking,
Mark DeCou


If you like knives, here are some other LJ project postings of knives I have built:

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Here is my website page with knives:
Mark DeCou Studio Knife Page Website

(Note: All photos, project design, and text is protected by copyright 2007-2012 by the author M.A. DeCou, all rights reserved, no unauthorized use of this material in whole, or part is allowed without expressed written permission.)

Thanks for looking,
Mark DeCou



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Beautiful set of knifes, so fine crafted, and a beautiful box to store them in.
I have 8 blades in my drawer waiting for the same kind of project (I posted some knifes also).
Best thoughts,

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Another beautiful job Mark!


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Wonderful in every way. The safety feature is a great discovery for me, definately something looking good AND useful.

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you are soooooo talented!!!

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Beautiful work!

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wow mark , that's a gorgeous set of knives…i was super impressed with just the box..let alone the knives…great job…grizz

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