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I had a few chunks of cedar on the saw from the deck we're building and decided to try one of these cube in a cube gizmos. Surprisingly fast and easy. I probably have 15 minutes in it. Cedar is not the ideal material because the center cube got a little beat up. Very easy to sand and needs no finish though. Smells darn good too.

Size is 3" x3" with a 2" hole from the forstner bit.

If I make another one, I'll use a harder wood and build a fixture to hold it tight to the table of the drill press. It got a little tough to hold with just a couple stop blocks clamped to the table.

Here's a link to Stevinmarin's project with a nice video.



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What a fun project to make. I think I will make one the Grandchildren will have fun trying to figure out how the 'old grandpa' made it.

Thanks for sharing

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I saw Steve's video
Looks like a fun thing to make for the grandkids
Hold down jig is a good idea