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This was a fun part of Cub Scouts. During Brendan's years he won 4th place in his tiger den, 4th place in his wolf den, 1st place (2nd in pack) in bears, and grand champion for webelos I and webelos II.

Brendan's involvement in building the cars increased over the years. There's only so much a 6 year old can do with tools, but in his last year he was very involved with just about every part of the build.

Emily had a car every year also. I had a Dachshund car, and Andrea had a Zamboni.

There is quite a science to this if you want a competitive car. People get way too concerned about winning. It's about spending quality time with your son.



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Great pinewood cars!
I've helped my son with these before!
Thanks for sharing.

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I like the "Fisher-Price" dog…
Pack 150 actually had family members compete as well. My daughter made a car that looked like a loaf of italian bread, with sesame seeds thrown in for good measure. I'll have to (find it first) and show you sometime!