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Project Information

Again my version of what I've seen on here and Woodworking for Mere Mortals, when I have more time I will spruce it up a bit and make it look a bit nicer, but this is what I had time to come up with. Already I can't believe I didnt make one of these years ago, its so much safer cutting small pieces of stock on this than it is on my mitre saw, I feel like I am going to chop multiple fingers off every time I cut small stock on the MS. This thing makes me feel much better about cutting small pieces and ensuring they are accurate.

The rails are maple, the sled is the face of an old cabinet left over from my kitchen remodel (not sure on the type of wood, maybe mahogany, but its definitely hardwood), and then the fence is scrap 2×4's and window casing again from the kitchen remodel.

Notice the 2 cut lines, after marking everything out I screwed and glued the first fence on and at the last split second I felt it shift just a little tiny bit, it was still very close, but not dead on like I wanted. I figured that I could get the other side more square, so I just turned the sled around and marked everything again, and I am much more happy with my 2nd attempt to square the fence.

A little paste wax on the bottom and we're set!



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Nice looking sled made me one about 6 months ago don't know how I made it so long without one keep up good work