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Project Information

This box was made to fit the top. There are compromises. The base isn't actually sized for the box because I wanted to preserve the entire surface of the box top.

Birds-eye maple is not easy to get. I was given this wood and it had a live edge on it. When taking the edge off, the protrusions were needle sharp. No matter what i did pulling off the live edge, much remained. Then I used the scotchbrite wheel (available at Harbor Freight) and removed the live edge completely while also rounding off but not removing the eye stickers. You can see the close up in one of the pics showing the live edge. The tool i also showing in the 3rd picture.

The base is pine.

The finish is 7 coats of polycrylic followed by hard paste wax.

Dimensions 3-1/2 H X 12-1/2 L X 11-1/2 W



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Cool build, great wood!!!!

No offense as this is just my humble opinion, I feel the latch mountd in the center takes away from the wood. Just being honest and not trying to be rude.

The wood, shape and finish are great Enjoy…..

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Thanks Ken,

I agree that the latch does take away from the wood. I did want to make it portable as well as preserve the wood. I actually made other compromises unseen. I had to weight the front end underneath because of the odd shape of the top.

My goal was to preserve the entire shape thus save the live edge and the integrity of the birds-eye.

Retrospectively, I would now trace the top, inset the trace and make a bandsaw box frame underneath rather than the narrow box I put it on.

Yes, they are all good days…as you say.