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Here is my craftsman style coffee table set. They feature 16×16" slate stone tops, and thick quarter sawn oak construction. Most of the stock is 5/4, except the lower rails which are 8/4. I kept the proportions fairly chunky, with five wide slats at each end. Through tenons and some inlayed accent slate complete the look.

Finishing: Sanded at 100 and 150 grit
Cleaned with vacuum and cheese cloth
Sprayed Rodda #19 Fruitwood stain, then wiped off excess. Allowed to dry overnight.
Sprayed Miller pre-cat lacquer with Porter Cable gravity-feed HVLP gun. Three coats
of lacquer with extra fine sanding sponge between coats. Repeat vacuum / cheese cloth after
each sanding. The Porter Cable gun sprays a perfect finish at 35 psi. I thin my lacquer with 20%
lacquer thinner for best results. I use the stock 1.5mm tip that comes with the PC PSH1 gun.



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great work! nice to see stone and wood used together makes a great combo. shinju