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Showcase cover image for Craftsman Bathroom/WC Cabinet

Project Information

I recently installed a built-in Craftsman style cabinet in our master bath above the WC. The space was limited, so I wanted to maximize storage opportunities by going up to the ceiling and to each side wall. The cabinet is built of HD 3/4" hardwood plywood for the sides, top and bottom. Backing is 1/4" ply. Doors and facings are made of poplar. Knobs are cherry. Hinges are surface type. This was a fairly easy project to put together as you can see from the photos. I had fun using my Powermatic mortiser…it makes mortise and tennon work a snap. I painted the interior the same as the walls; the exterior same as the room's trim. Must say that I could have measured better as this was an extremely tight fit and awkward as I had to lift the heavy thing over the toilet and behind the hanging lamp…and then secure it to the wall studs without giving myself a hernia. Definitely a workout (with some colorful language)! With that said, it went in fine and I'm pleased (and so is the wife) as we've been able to add some needed storage space.



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Nice job on that cabinet. It looks real professional!!