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Project Information

Hi everyone,
My wife was looking through a sales flier a few weeks ago and came across this very interesting corner book case. She turns to me and says " think you can build this?"..for less than the 200.00 (plus shipping) ? Hummm
at 15×15 x31 high plus a few shelves that appear to float..a quick run with the handy calculator shows that this
is less than a full sheet of plywood plus trim ..Birch runs currently 52.00 per 3/4 sheet at the local home depot.
plus I had some trim that would work .. sure I said..and off to the races.
I decided to fix the shelves by running several dado groves rather than trying to get pins to work. I was a little concerned of the floating edge but as it turns out not to be a issue. Plus you simply can't get that much weight on the shelves based on spacing.
I used quarter saw white oak for the trim with a roman ogee router profile. I wanted to have a little fun so I tried to incorp as many different types of angles in the trim as possible.
For this project I used the earlex hv5000 to spray on the stain which was red chestnut. I used a walnut stain on the trim to give it a little contract and add some interest.
As you can see from the unfinished photo I had a issue with tear out which I tried to hid with the inside trim. Next time I'll remember the old trick of raising the blade a whisker and just barely scoring the plywood before going to the full dept. Over all this was a fun and easy project and my wife totally loves it. She said she wants another just like. Cool .. so a total price including tax ,tags ,title ,out the door ..70.00 ..not bad..
Thanks for looking



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Nice job. Great that you could build from a picture. I've seen a similar piece that has shelves closer together called a magazine stand and will build that. Thanks for the inspiration to get moving.

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You did a good job of it. I have a customer that wants something like that in the future. She was probably showing me the same photograph. Only difference is she wants the shelves tilted to the inside corner. She says it's going to be a nightstand for her husband's side of the bed. Thanks for the kind words about my star. I guess I'll start a blog to show some of my jigs.