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Project Information

The was basically a self guided class project. I watched Doug Stowe's videos on basic box making multiple times, made some jigs he used or at least modifications of them. The box is made from Cherry sides, birch ply bottom and an African Mahogany top. The keys are also African Mahogany but a much darker piece. The finish is multiple coats of Tung oil, and then wax.

I really like the results from the 45 degree crosscut sled, it made side fit together square and snug. The key sled was also a really nice addition to my shop. The final box is 11" x 6" x 6".

I am not sure that that finish works for me. It is not as smooth as I usually get with Shellac, and wipe on poly, then 1 coat of wax. Think it is more me than the products. The hinges are, in my mind, a bit small for the box but they do look nice. Hope they hold up with use. The other thing I realized Doug uses a wide belt sander to keep the sides of the box flat and square during the sanding process. I can see that my lack of this tool caused my sides to have slightly rounded corners, not that the untrained eye would see but as a learning project I was being picky. Think it may be time for that Oscillating belt sander I been wanting.



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Beautiful box. Love the wood. Very clean looking.

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Nice job on that box. That is some nice cherry! Your next assignment: build wooden hinges for the next box. :)