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well, in the drawer box mechanism I wanted to work with sliding dovetail in order to make less evident the mechanism. First of all I work with equal lumber than side. Then I made a box (sailing box, coming soon in Lj :) ) where my ploy were put four sliding dovetails (one worked, the other were fake). I don´t love fakes, and worked heavy in orther to make sense to this kind of box. In this attempt one sliding dovetail is the latch, two more are combination locks, and the other fake (cause I was tired :-() Very difficult to open if you don´t know the combination or the mechanism.

the mechanism is detailed in the blog

woods are quina (sides and frame) guayacán (sliding dovetail), cedro arana, nogal, okume, cancharana.

thanks for looking



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You are really becoming quite the artist with these secret locking boxes. Very nice…!

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Sorry I haven't had time to comment on all your great "trick" boxes but I just took the time to tell you how cool this one is!

You are the master of the "trick catch boxes".

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Another great lock box, just awesome pieces