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Project Information

My wife wanted a state flag for Christmas so I thought about it for a while and decided to add the Rocky Mountains to the project. I used 1/2" birch ply and drew the outline of the Rockies and the foothills as we see it from our house. I used a Dremel tool with 80 grit sandpaper to sand down the peaks to give it depth and a 3D look. I also sanded off the first few ply's at the top to get to a lighter one as to depict the snow on the mountains. I really liked how the darker lines in the ply's show through and give it a neat look. I'm thinking she will like it!

Below is a mock-up photo of how to sand down the mountain tops.

For any of you who are looking to make a Colorado flag, I found this that helped me dimension out where everything goes on the flag.

Merry Christmas,



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That's cool! What a great way to say "I love you". She's going to love it!