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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
sapele, padauk, maple, ash, white oak, walnut

Nothing fancy, no amazing laminations or etc. Just pure wood. I have a bucket of scraps that would fit the bill (the bucket that is not for the wood stove). It has been on my "todo" list for some time to knock out some of these. Various woods (Maple, Ash, Cherry, White Oak, Sapele, Walnut, Padauk).

The walnut ones are thicker as they were too small to put through the plane and well...I was not in the mood to take 20 minutes with a hand plane.

The shape was done with a 3D printed template on a router table with a pattern bit. I can share images of the templates if you are interested in making templates for such work.

A simple one day project to get the shop scrap bin cleaned out.


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Nicely done! Great variety. I think I actually like the thick ones better.