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Originally, I used the "cleats" that came with the Rad Sportz Bicycle and Kayak hoists (which I believe are made in Germany), but they are really only cheap bent metal. Also, with only the one cleat and so much rope required to operate the system, it gets wrapped around the cleat and yet still a lot of the rope dangles down to the ground, forming a trip hazard and getting dirty.

The rest of the Rad Sportz hoist system is very high quality for how little money is being spent. The system also works great in practice and doesn't require a lot of muscle to operate.

Kayak Hoist:

Bike Hoist

Aftermarket Cleats:

I screwed some strips of plywood to drywall and made sure the screws went into the 2×4 studs behind the wall. The finished surface plywood holding the cleats had a frame around it that was slightly less in width than the thickness of the two plywood pieces so they would fully mate to one another.

It's actually not necessary for the cleats to be robust and hold the bikes and kayaks up as there is a locking mechanism for the rope on the ceiling that is engaged/disengaged by maneuvering the rope.

Aside from the bent metal cleats, the only other negative with the Rad Sportz system is the Kayak Hoist requires two lengths of rope to operate and only one is supplied. If the rope supplied with the kayak hoist is cut in half, there wouldn't be sufficient rope to operate the system.



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Great idea


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A comment, finally - Bless you Jim!