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Project Information

Another installment in the saga of my daughter organizing her craft supplies. She asked me to build a cubby for her modeling clay. This time I received a rough drawing of what she wanted, so I knew exactly what to do. It's a basic shallow box made from 1/4 inch plywood. No fancy joinery. The dividers are 'lap kerfed' I guess you'd call it, with slots that slide past each other. Because this box fits right within the space on her book shelf, I drilled a finger hole in the center of the middle pocket to help pull it out of the shelf. I also drilled a finger hole in the top because she brings the clay to the kitchen table to create.

Her current project is to create little figures of famous composers, but as costumed 'moles' It's a school thing, what can I say.



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Your daughter will be the most organized kid on the block, Dave! Good to see kids involved in such creativity. Way to encourage her, Dad! Thanks for sharing.

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She has a wonderful hobby, it's very nice to see you support her in this way.Nice organizer.