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I live in decent size Cape Cod style bungalow with an original footprint of 30×24. The previous owners put a nice addition on the back of the house and added the basement space under it, which is a bit unusual.

I "own" the entire basement - as in it's all man space - my wood shop takes up just about half of the space, which is an area roughly 24×15. It's small for a shop space, but I use the other half for my rifle reloading bench and I added a closet and lumber storage area over there too.

I store all of my wood inside. When I need to cut down sheet goods I cut them to rough dimensions outside in the two car garage that is on the same level as the basement.

The remaining basement space under the new addition is my official man room where my desk, computer, gun vault, etc. are located.

Since the house sits on a slope not all of the basement is below grade so the entire basement stays exceptionally dry and temperature-stable year round.



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Sounds like a great space, do you have any pictures?

Welcome to Lumberjocks!

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Fire up your camera and share some pictures of your shop. There are lots of Lumberjocks waiting to look at them. Your shop sounds great. Good luck on your next project.