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Project Information

I thought I'd add this as a project, just in case people need ideas.

This is a simple circle cutting jig to fit my DeWalt trim router. Is made of simple 1/2" birch plywood stock. There are a few varieties of jigs out there, but such designs allow a pivot pin to be placed underneath the base itself so that you can cut smaller radius circles with it. The hole in the first image above is 1/4" and holds the pivot pin, which is precisely sized at 1/4".

The existing jig uses two hex bolts, but only because I didn't have some hand/thumb screws handy. But for cutting just the occasional circle, the design is great.

This is actually a prototype for me. I will be making one out of clear acrylic to be used for cutting rosette channels in acoustic guitars. It will also have a push/pin adjustment for fine setting the radius.



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I like simple, that works.