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And another Cindy's Alarm Clock/Weather Station rolls (slowly) off the production line just in time for Christmas.

This is the 6th iteration of this clock series.

It's being given as a Christmas gift today (17Dec22) to some good friends. Like #5, it's laser engraved in the hand fitted zebrawood case. The CNC drilled the panels perfectly on the first try. The 3d printed parts are most all one color (for a change).

Units 5 (top) and 6 (bottom) have perfectly identical drilling patterns by the use of a desktop CNC.

The case is noticeably thinner than any of the previous versions, to good effect. More care was taken in the fitment of the plastics and the final trim sizes as my understanding of the dimensional interactions and cutting sequence has improved. Even with an Incra and Wixey, the cipher'n has to be well thought out, and the blade settings are measured in thou's!
My fab techniques are becoming really refined in this one.

The case is held together with 4-40 machine screws in tapped holes in the zebrawood. Care is taken not to over tighten.
The front and rear panels are fully connectored and labelled so the two can be separated and reconnected quickly and easily.
I can build one, puttering, in about three half days. One for mechanical fab, one for electrical fab, and the third for the case and final fitment and touches.
The out of pocket on this one is around $175, not counting the share of the capital costs of the laser/CNC/3d printer.
Anyone interested in making their own, the plans are free. DM me here for a copy, including schematics, drawings, 3d print files, parts lists and firmware. I'm also open to making kits available with various levels of parts (3d printed parts, preloaded CPU, etc.) for a nominal cost.


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Amazing work....I am jealous of whoever received this clock !

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Amazing work....I am jealous of whoever received this clock !
TYVM. It was the hit of the party last night. People started trying to guess the adage as it scrolled! They were reading it in chorus! Great fun (and otherwise a helluva party too! Good people go well with good food!)

Merry Christmas everyone!