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This was a quick project I built this week, commissioned by my grandparents for their small church.

It's made from 1/2"x6 Oak, and the cross is made from Black Walnut. The lock and hinges are stock from Lowe's, and the sign holder is a modified (cut-off) brass index/door card holder I found at work.

The back board, which has screw holes to mount it to the wall from the inside of the box, is about 12" tall. I don't know the exact length of the other boards, but I left all of the widths at the nominal 5.5" that I bought the Oak in. The angle of the lid is 20° below zero.

On the left side I built an slot to hold 3×5 cards, and a block on the left side to hold 3 wooden pencils. The lid also has a 1/4" wide routed slot to insert 3×5 cards into the box.

I finished it with 3 coats of lacquer.

It's pretty simple, but my grandparents were very pleased with it and think their Church will be as well.

Sorry for not-so-great pictures. I forgot to snap pictures until we were already in the car to deliver it!



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Church? And you need a lock? Yep, I know why, being an active minister for 8 years.

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That's one great suggestion box. Cool features on the paper and pencil holder. Like the cross, fitting for the church. Great work!