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Hey everyone, me and my Girlfriend finally got a chance to get some of these Spindle Ornaments painted for our tree. These were just freestyle ideas that I had come up with on my foot powered Springpole lathe.

Most of the pieces were store bought dowels but I was actually able to get a spindle from last years Chirstmas Tree, and that my friends…..took some real old school country wood working patience and discipline…lol

Rip sawing…..spokeshaving to octagonal..and a lot of determination.

Knots and checking o' plenty on that particular desired piece…..but I took some time….and worked on it…..and soon enough with some sweat and tinkering….....I began to round it with my turning tools….finally….lol

You will see it in the above pics…the before and after…lol

These were fun to make and look nice on the tree. Hope someone might enjoy them.

A special thanks to my beautiful Jenn for her painting and craft talents.

Thanks to everyone out there and many great shavings and holiday cheer!




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I like these very much. I can see my grandchildren being able to make some for next Christmas. Thanks for sharing!!

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Very nice ornaments Joe may they be around for many Christmases .