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Project Information

Projects this season include:

5 cutting boards
5 picture frames
8 pencil holders
1 wine bottle stopper
1 shoe horn
3 pens (2 slimlines and 1 fountain)

Woods include maple, cherry, walnut, purpleheart, redheart, and bloodwood

One interesting note are the cutting boards that have a random pattern. It was composed of literally scraps from the ol' pile and older cutting board strips. These were pieces that I would've had no issues tossing them but I glued all of them up during my clean out day and they ended up as two really cool looking boards. The smaller cherry board is made from the leg cut-offs from a couple end tables I made last year.

The shoe horn was also a cool project since I've never made one before. It was made from a kit from PSI. I made way too many pencil holders. Gifts for next year. :D

Now I can get back to making furniture for my house! 2011 here I come!



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You've been a busy beaver.

I love the two lighter colored ones (left and top). Great pattern.

Nice collection of gifts. Well done. Uncle Jay will be popular this year for sure.


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I do like the random ones!!

and seriously…how many pencil holders do you need? :)