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Apparently I never uploaded this project - it was probably completed around September 2015. In the style of my first height board, , I completed another chart for my son. Click the link for full measurement and build details, as the process was essentially the same for both. If I took photos of the build I can't find them right now so I'll have to add them later.

This build went a lot faster than the one I did in 2013 - partly because I was able to use the first one as a story stick to place all the measurements, and partly because (as I discovered when I finished it and brought it inside) I had accidentally made the measurement ticks half as long as in the first height chart. Oh well - I think it looks better this way anyway.

As you will see in the third photo, my four and a half year old is already well up the length of the first chart. If either of them ends up taller than 6 foot 4 I will have to attach an extension on the top, and also probably take out a loan to cover their food bill.



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Been awhile, better late than not at all! Happy New Year!