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Project Information

This wand is made from cherry wood. It measures 16 inches long, 3/4 inch thick at its widest point and 1/4 inch thick at its narrowest. It has a lacquer and wax finish. The dark line in the middle is a natural discoloration, not a crack or defect. Other uses include as an instructional pointer or a conductor's baton.



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LOL - I built one of these for my grand daughters. What I did was to bring my dust collector remote switch in the house and plugged a table light into it. I had the grand daughters spin around twice and say the magic words "abbra cadabra" while pointing the magic wand at the lamp. My wife would press the remote turning the light off. they would repeat the process to get the light to turn on. We had a blast with the 1 and 3 year old's and my magic wand !