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Workshop Information

United States
No Pics of my workshop yet… I bought my house from my parents (they were moving anyways)... and my dad had a custom motorcycle shop for a while (no longer)... So I have a pretty Large pole-barn… with good lighting, lots of shop tools (Dad's only request when I bought the place was that he could still use the shop if he needed to, as there wasn't room for his stuff at the new place)... SUUURRRRRRRREEEEE… that means he left all his tools behind, for me to use, as well as for him to use when he needed to… I'm just building up on my woodworking tools, but there are lots of "Shop" toys around… huge air compressor, acetylene torches, pipe benders, welding tools, hand tools, I do have a miter saw, a few circular saws, a scroll saw, a cheapo router (SKIL) it's what I could justify… I have an idea to build a combo workbench/table… where the center is inter-changeable to drop the miter saw in flush, drop in a flush table-mounted upside-down circular saw, and a router table… I have a lot of ideas, it comes down to time and money :D


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Chad, it sounds like you have a pretty nice start on your shop's infrastructure. I am looking forward to taking a tour of it when you get a chance to post some pictures after it is set up and running.