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In Japan, when you win a prize for a contest, you usually get a certificate (document), and one of my niece just got one for a drawing contest. I promised her to make a frame for that, and here it is.
It's zelkova, and used a router bit called, "Hyo-tan" in Japanese (maybe " Radius Roman Ogee Router Bit " in English?!), which I usually don't use because it's too fancy… But for this project, I thought it just fits well.
And the niece has an older sister, so I made one little project for her too. An oak photoframe.




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hello jungi

these both look well made
congratulations to all of you

like you i don't use those fancy bit's either much
to 'colonial' for the work i do

it does bring out some design lines
and makes the frame border the certificate better
as you intended

happy kids

well done

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Works nicely for this project. Congratulations to your niece. Everyone's a winner!

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Jungi, Very nice touch on the frame. Your niece will be very pleased. Give her our best for the certificate for her art work. Rand

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Nice work. Bet she is prouder of that than her prize certificate in it :))