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Project Information

October, 2015-Two little outdoor tables needed new tops. I decided to try making some new tops with some cedar rescued from a pallet found at the curb. The pallet cedar was run through the planer to a consistent thickness, and to make it much smoother. Boards were laid side-by-side and upside down, so I could put cross pieces of treated lumber on them. These cross pieces hold the top boards together and also provide a place into which the legs are screwed.

Glue and one-inch nails in a nail gun were used to fasten the cross-braces to the cedar. The nailing was done from the bottom so the table tops are undisturbed. Next, I cut the assembly into it's final circular shape, sanded it, and used the router to knock off the top edge. Finally, I put on a couple of coats of poly. We'll see how these weather over the years.



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I love scrap Art. Nice looking "scrap"

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Those are very pretty. No finish?