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The Carpenter's Rule

This puzzle box is made from century old barn board that has been planned down to take the grey off, but still coloured underneath with many of the cracks in the top surface are still visible.

To go with the old wood I recycled an old wooden yardstick and made them part of the combination locking system.

The top frame keeps the top sliders in neatly, remove that frame and you can slide the yardstick pieces back and forth. The numbers under the top frame are the coded access numbers.

Once aligned, the top portion of the box can be removed to reveal a smaller box with a miniature hammer inside. Further yet there is still one last secret….

Turn the remaining bottom upside down and part of the smaller box will be aligned so that a small drawer can be removed. I do love treasure, so inside that little secret compartment is a vintage micro caliper made of wood and brass.

I especially enjoyed using walnut dovetail splines in the 45 degree corners, a simple process with a jig for your router.



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Nice puzzle box.