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It's been a while since I shared with you guys what I've been working on but I'll try to catch up.

My son is turning 2 in 2 months so I planed ahead and (ab-)used my dad's help to build this swing set.
It took several evenings planning and 2 weekends worth of hard work.

I got the plans from DIY Tyler and cannot recommend enough his plans, they are very well done and it was a pleasure to support an enthusiast fellow woodworker
Here is the link to his plans:

he also have a 2-part video on Youtube that walk you thru the build:

With respect to the plans, I made 3 changes for (my perception of) safety:
1. I didn't put the monkey bars under the bridge because I was concerned the kids could get their feet caught on the swings if they fell from the bars
2. I added a hand rail on the 3rd floor where the stairs are
3. I opted for rock climbing instead of holes in the plywood
I also opted against the spiral slide because enclosed areas in FL tend to load up with spiders and snakes :)

We have had many kids test it HARD and so far everyone (kids and parents) left delighted

So far I've used raw pressure treated lumber but intend to seal it after it has dried for about a year.

We have had many kids



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wow now thats a swing set/fort any kid would love.nice work.

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Cool! Why didn't we have things like this when I was a kid? Great job, thanks for sharing.

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I subscribe to DIY Tyler and realized these were his plans the minute I clicked on your picture. I've never purchased his plans but its nice to hear that they are every bit as good as his videos.
How satisfying it must be to watch your kids (as well as the whole neighborhood of kids) enjoying your project.
Very well done…....... 1 vote for "dad of the year"

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Thanks all for the kind words - I guess I started too late in the year for this year title :)