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Had some fun messing around with some of the old branches we have plenty of around here (called "slash" by those of us here in Colorado faced with chipping this stuff).

The first photo is of an "H" monogram from turquoise I made for my son, the second shows the cane (he's too young yet to need it - maybe someday). I had a Ruana hunting knife I bought in high school that I used to clean this cane a loooonnnnngggg time ago in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. He has the knife now and I thought he'd appreciate the very first project I ever did even if I didn't finish it until now.

The rest are photos of three other canes from our property, pine beetle branches. All are finished with one coat of straight spar varnish brushed on, one coat of dewaxed shellac, and then three more coats of a 50-50 mix of spar varnish and mineral spirits.

Thanks for looking.




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You got some fine pieces there. Natural flow for canes and love the turquoise. Good job.

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Love these canes, they are very similar to what I like to do. I love finding and using pieces that have the natural curve to them. Very nice unique pieces you have found, keep up the nice work.