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I live in a subdivision that has a pool and tennis courts. Our Homeowners Association wanted to provide the members with a freezer and a refrigerator to be kept at the pool, so they decided to find a cabinet shop to design and build one. When I learned what they wanted, I agreed to make the unit. I went out to the pool and measured the space that was available, and I measured the sizes of the freezer and refrigerator that they had purchased. In order to confirm that everything would fit properly, I first made the face frame. There was room to include a center section with adjustable shelves, and I constructed a door to go on that section. As the pool deck slopes, I made a base out of pressure treated 2×4's for the cabinet to sit on. The rear of the base (nearest the brick wall) is "shorter" than the front of the base (nearest the front of the cabinet) to compensate for the slope of the deck. We used paint that matches the trim on the pool house, and we ordered a granite top. All in all it was an interesting build, and everyone is happy with the resulting cabinet (as well as the $1,000 plus savings over the quotes that had been received).



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Very nice cabinet…made to order!!