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Project Information

No I'm not referring to my shop. We had one of those black eyesores for a TV stand. I took some rustic hickory and some walnut and fashioned a built in. Some of the challenges: getting all the equipment in. No matter how hard you try to make it modular and easy to access, it's hard as a built in. Better to make it a standalone piece of furniture if you're after easy of access. Another challenge: tinted glass. You can see I shellac'd the back of some window glass. It looks fine with black backdrop and it passes the UV control signals fine. I was also a bit worried about the effect of the sub-woofer whether it would shake rattle and roll. Not a problem. Finally, it had to be built around a slant fin unit. The pedestal look solved that and may look better than any other design. And I didn't have to do any plumbing.

This is my fourth project with hickory and the first time I had to engage small screws (for the hinges). Man is that stuff tough. Next time I'll go up a size in pilot hole. I also will only buy S3S in hickory and don't try to plane it if I can. The cabinet scraper works fine.

The secondary woods are poplar and BC plywood.

Interior paint is flat black rustoleum ultra cover. Two coats sanding between coats leaves a beautiful finish.

Finish is Watco natural. I may put some satin poly on the top in case somebody spills water.