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This is our breakfast and kids' table, 18" deep, the top surface is at 27" from the floor and is fastened by bolts to the kitchen island. A simple drawing is provided. The unfilled dual line on the drawing is a piece of .75" by 2" mild steel heated and bent by our local iron monger. I used a very old belt sander to remove imperfections and rust from the metal, then primed and painted the metal. The belt sander will never be used for anything else.

The drawing is a side view; the 1/3/6/9/12 lines are in the stated inches to help scale the drawing. The supports look better if they are not perfectly rounded arcs. I left three inches of unbent metal at each end of the iron for looks, and to anchor to the wood. I used an Allen bolt at the bottom, spun in a drill to grind the diameter down to make the countersunk fastener almost invisible. I could have tapped the steel from the back, instead. The table is 18 inches deep, comprised of two dowelled and glued pieces. I used only a hand plane to match the edges of the wood before gluing, just for fun. It worked perfectly; a thank you to Lie-Nielsen for making such fine tools.

The wood was selected for its very nice grain pattern, which looks much nicer than photos can display. A point on all of this is that the combination of metal and wood often works very well. This is a simple way to provide the needed support and still look good.

This project was quite a bit of fun to do, despite the rather dirty process of cleaning and painting the metal.




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Cool design. well done