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Project Information

I made the table and bench (will upload some better pictures this evening) over the last few weekends.

Table: The top and skirting of table is pine. The boards are not glued up, but individual boards. The legs are douglas fir. Used prestain then stain is Ipswich pine, with 2 coats of poly. Assembled with poplar dowels.

The bench: is a mash up of scrap lumber and mdf (better pics coming). The legs are 3/4 birch plywood and 1×3 poplar. The skeleton/frame of the bench is 1×2 and 1×3 poplar and the seating surface is mdf. the bench went through 2x filler, 2x sanding sealer/rimer, 3 coats oil based paint and 2x clear coat.

Other than time, it was not a difficult project. The lady of the house wanted modern meets rustic meets eclectic (and probably something else thrown in). I think we are on our way to achieve that. The bench design was inspired by a picture from magazine, the table I designed with a pencil and paper.

Next: we have a bar height chair that I will cut down to be the same height as the stool and a couple more coordinating throw pillows

Anyway, Enjoy and try not to be too hard on me, this is my first post on this site

Thanks for reading!

Edit- the stain is very uniform in person but for some reason, this picture makes it look like the boards are different colors! I will add some better pictures this evening