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We are having our Christmas this weekend so that everyone can be there.
1st box is a mitered box with my first attempt at wrapping the grain around. I am pleased with how it turned out. Base and lid are walnut. The remaining is pecan wood. Not a bad combo if I do say so myself.

2nd box is a wrap around grain miter box with maple and mohogany for base and lid. Tried something different on the lid with dowel pegs to hold it in place.

3rd picture is some candle holder inspired by all the LJ postings. (something new for me)

4th picture is another keepsake boxed hinged the way Andy did showed us in his palm boxes. This is my 2nd wooden hinge. It is capped by walnut accents. main construction is walnut for front and back and lid. The handle and sides are made of pecan that was left scrap turned into something.

5th picture is a mitered picture frame made of mohogany. Pictures are a collage of pics from summer vacation including a real UFO landing in White Sands National Park, New Mexico in the bottom left of the collage. Well, we couldn't identify it, but I'm sure the Missle Range could that is close by White Sands.

6th Picture is of all woodworking from this season including Jewelry box that will be more detailed in another posting.

Woodworking has been adicting and has taken my parents back to the days when all their Christmas Gifts were hand made when they were kids. Much more personal, I think.

Thank you to all the LJ postings that have inspired me to try new things.



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Some great projects here Manasseh. And the comment about how they touch your parents is true and a wonderful sentiment. Effort is so much better then money spent IMHO too. Looking forward to seeing more of your work… well done.

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And everything finished in tong oil.
Thanks Chip.