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Project Information

A few years ago I purchased the Rockler Box Joint jig and immediately feel in love with it, it was easy to setup and use and created precise box joints. The only drawback I had with it was that it was designed for smaller pieces and I often like to use box joints on larger projects so I set out to build a large version.

Using birch plywood and poplar this is what I came up with. It will only cut 1/2" wide fingers but for the larger pieces that I will use it for that is perfect. It sets up pretty much the same as the Rockler jig, clamping to the table. The fence has guides that run on the outside of the jig base rather than in grooves in the table.

It has already seen a lot of use in the shop and each time has produced consistent and accurate box joints.



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very nice- gotta love box joints! Half the fun is in making the jig- great work!