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Project Information

Now that I am semi-retired, I finaly get to enjoy my woodworking tools. I made these from pallets I collected from around the area. In the picture of both bookcases. The one on the right has no finish other than boiled linseed oil. I first painted the would with a mixture of baking soda and warm water, then applied the linseed oil.
NOTE: I'll know better next time to "cut" the linseed oil with something; it took way too long to dry and the smell takes forever to dissipate.
The second on the left side has two coats of Amber Shelack and Denatured Alcohol mixed 50/50.
NOTE: Dries very fast; don't leave streaks or drips more than a few seconds! When apply as a French polish on finely sanded pieces, it will leave a very nice luster.
I planed and sanded the side pieces on both sides, but I left the edges alone for affect. The 1st bookcase was assembled with wood screws and some are exposed. The second was assembled using my "New" KREG Jig; WOW, what a difference that made. Especially since I don't have a large worktable.
Now I have to build my desk from the same materials and I will finish the surface with 'liquid glass".
Work safe and always wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).



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