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There s alot of birds in my area and once in a while, during the morning I usualy see a few in my backyard looking for food, while the cat's asleep. I wanted to atract some more to cheer up my morning and have a better view while I take my breakfast, so I decided to make a bird feeder. I didnt had a weather resistant wood so I made it out of mahogany and plywood and gave it a coat of vanish, its gonna stay in porch so I dont see a problem there.
I havent tested it yet but the ideia is to put seed in the center and let them fall to the tray. What d u think? Would you change anything? I also thought covering it with epoxy but I know its toxic so…
I havent tested it yet but I bet its gonna work
There s the build video
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That is a good looking bird feeder. It should work fine!! I think that the width at the bottom of the feed chute is so wide that It will all fall through right away. If it were narrow and closer to the bottom, the seed would fall down, pile up a bit and back upi n the chute and then drop a little more as the birds eat it away. Try it and see how the action is!

Cheers, Jim

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I have a bird feeder of similar design and it worked fine until the squirrels discovered it.