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Project Information

Some friends of mine are having their first baby in a little over a month. While they speak English, his parents speak mainly Vietnamese. I thought why not make them some blocks for both languages. English and latinized Vietnamese have a lot of overlap in the letters. So for the letters that are in both, I painted them black, letters that were only in English (just 4) are in blue, and Vietnamese letters are in red. Vietnamese is also a tonal language, so I made two blocks for the diacritic marks that can be used in combination with the vowels. I used water-based paints with Helvetica bold stencils an free-handed the extra parts on the Vietnamese letters.



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This is a wonderful thing. Great project, and an heirloom that will be cherished.

I still remember playing with the blocks that my father played with as a child. Isn't it interesting what sticks in the brain, decades later?

Great job!