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Workshop Information

Since January I have been turning my garage into a woodshop. Installed radiant gas heating so that I can use it in winter up here in Canada. Then, tore out some of the ugliest built-in shelving known to man, purged junk and reduced the amount of stuff in the garage. Patched, primed and painted the walls. Fresh coat of white paint on all the walls made a world of difference. I had already installed LED lighting to replace the 2 60 watt bulbs in the garage when I bought it…you needed a flashlight to find anything lol. My current project is to build a Stand-Up Paddleboard. I had already put together a ladder frame assembly table/ladder and the lumber for it was on top of it. So, hard to use something with stuff piled on it so I built a lumber storage rack and got the lumber off the table. Used the remnants of the shelving to build a bin to store plywood scraps and new sheets when I decide to build another boat. Bought a bandsaw, dust collector, jointer and ceiling hung dust filtration unit. Have built a spring loaded featherboard device for the bandsaw, drill storage rack and am building in and outfeed tables for the jointer to help jointing the 12 foot long boards I need to use to build the paddleboard. Enclosed the Lee Valley Router Table stand I have had for years and attached a dust collection port. Closed in my old Delta table saw and attached a dust collection port. Working with cedar I am being very careful to keep as much of that stuff out of the air as I can.

So, setting things up has taken me most of my spare time the last couple months but I am close to being able to produce the parts I need to build this paddleboard.



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Looks like a nice work space ,super progress.

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looks like the beginning of something great.i see your from gods country,love canada,beautiful country,cant wait to get back up again.welcome to lumber jocks,another beautiful place to be.

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Thanks for showing, it looks like you have a great start. The feather board and ladder assemble table are very interesting designs….I have never seen either one of those before….
Great space, you should be proud..