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Project Information

After purchasing the Veritas small plow plane I decided that a cardboard box just wasn't appropriate to keep it in. My other planes hang on the wall so I can get to them easily but with the 5 blades plus the 3 beading blades it seems better to keep everything together. The box is made of a piece of very rare Oak sometimes referred to as either Flamed or Fire Oak. It is dense, heavy, and has a fantastic grain pattern. Originally it was purchased to become part of a table but decided that I, and the plow plane deserved a nice box!
Originally my plan was to make a traditional dovetailed box with a sliding lid. Several attempts and re-sharpening of chisels late I gave in-- this board is more like a burl with all of the interlocked grain. It cut fine with a dovetail saw but trying to smooth the pins and tails for a tight joint just wasn't going to happen. Since I had a very limited supply of this wood, it became apparent that I better change my plans or else there wouldn't be enough wood to complete the project! I already had to laminate what I had to get the required height.
The plan changed to cutting rabbeted joints and making Ebony dowels to secure everything together. The 1/8" wide blade with the Plow plane was perfect for creating the blade storage area. The finish on the box is Watco Danish oil plus my own 3-part concoction that is hand sanded/rubbed into the wood.
I did a couple of blogs about this project and here's a link to the final one:

You can find the other blog on my website.



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Yes this is nice box is certainly much better than a cardboard box. Very interesting oak! First time hearing about it.
Nice work!