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Workshop Information

United States
up until a few months ago, my "shop" was the front room in my boss/client/friend's 1890's city row house. It was the last unfinished room as I completely overhauled and restored the place. That house is a story for another time. Now, my workshop is right down the street from there in an 18'x18' space in a 2000 sq ft 6 bay garage. I walled that section off, put my tools in it, built a workbench and some lumber racks and that's about where it stands right now. I will add pictures soon, and update from time to time as it evolves. It is still a work in progress. I need more storage and a few large tools to really round it out, but it is coming along nicely.


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look forward to seening the pics of the new shop Ben, I'm right across the river from you.