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Project Information

I bought a benchtop drill press about 6 months ago and it just sat on my shop floor until last night. I intended to do this project a lot sooner, but then summer happened. That's a good thing really.

I admit that it took me a tad longer to complete than I would have liked. It looks simple, and really it is. Strong and sturdy, but simple. As usual, with every project I complete I get to learn a new skill. In this case I recently purchased a biscuit jointer from a pawn shop ($45 for a porter cable…I thought it was a good deal…). I had no idea how easy these things are to use, and WOW does it work well.

The good:
Learned about the biscuit jointer
Learned a new game with my dog (me cleaning, him playing)
Time spent in shop
Very effective use of scrap 3/4" oak ply
Able to finally use my drill press.

The bad:
Still burning my boards when ripping on TS
Didn't get to use band saw to rip doors to make frame (already had the peices)
The center bows out from the interior shelf…don't know why…dry fit was perfect…maybe the glue…

The odd:
The hinges and the door latch all came 1 screw short of the required (each hinge needed 4 screws, two hinges per package, 7 screws provided…latch needed 6 screws, 5 screws proved…)

Cheers! Peter



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Seems to me the 'Good' well out weighs the 'Bad', nice cabinet.

I am curious about the decision to have the cabinet portion not as deep as the top?

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It was made from scraps and those were the widest peices, other than the top/bottom. I toyed with centering and leaving open, but that would detract from the structural integrity. And since the DP is a beast I figured I needed as much strength as I could get. Since a vast majority of weight is in the back, it works. Actually, it's stable as all get out, somehow…

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Looks great.

Makes me wish I had a table mounted DP so I could build one.